I’ve never really bought into the “he/she should stick to music” response to celebrities sharing personal ideology or political opinions — until Kanye West decided to run for president.

Over the past few days, some of my friends and I keep seeing tweets about people who acted ridiculous this weekend and acted like life was completely normal. We were making fun of all of these people, like one person who literally tested positive for the coronavirus and was still at Fire Isl…

Many older people love to talk about how young people are constantly on their phones. Most of my family gatherings at Christmases or Thanksgiving consist of my uncles and aunts making the same jokes about how my cousins and I are always on our phones.

I think some people can find something negative to say about most college majors. It is human nature to become critical of something we don’t understand or aren’t familiar with.

For the past two years, I have been interested in the world of spirituality. I think I originally had been attracted to what I would refer to as the aesthetic of spirituality. But, I never really took any steps to implement a regular yoga or meditation practice into my lifestyle.