Penn State vs Columbia

Head coach Wes Glon instructs Matthew Lewicki before the game against Columbia at White Building on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Penn State men's fencing upset Columbia 14-13.

On Oct. 26, Penn State fencing coaches and the university motioned to dismiss sexual misconduct and negligence claims brought against them by Jennifer Oldham, owner of a private fencing club in North Carolina.

The defendants are seeking to drop all claims brought against them on the basis of statute of limitations and “failure to state a claim,” according to court documents.

Oldham was granted the ability to file briefs in opposition of the defendants’ motions to dismiss her claims on Oct. 28, according to court documents.

In her complaint, Oldham alleged assistant Penn State fencing coach George Abashidze, who was seated next to her on a flight in December 2017, persisted with "sexual overtures" for several hours, which eventually led to physical assault, according to court documents.

Oldham filed allegations in Pennsylvania Middle District Court in June 2021 against Penn State, currently suspended head fencing coach Wes Glon, Abashidze and Title IX coordinator Christopher Harris, court documents said.

After Oldham spoke to Glon twice about the incident, court documents said Glon “refused to take action” and inform the university of Abashidze’s misconduct.

Oldham claimed the university and Harris “failed to train and supervise agents and or employees” against sexual misconduct.

In his motion to dismiss claims of negligence against him, court documents said Glon had “no duties” and was not responsible to “keep her safe from sexual assault and harassment, and properly handle her claims.”

In Abashidze’s motion to dismiss claims of battery, court documents said Oldham’s claim of battery is “time-barred” by the statute of limitations.

The current statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is two years.



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