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President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election by securing Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes early Saturday morning, securing over 270 electoral votes, as reported by the Associated Press.

Biden’s victory ended a five-day period of uncertainty surrounding the outcome, which was due to the record-breaking number of mail-in ballots that had to be counted throughout the week.

For Bianco Villatoro, the mail-in voting process was “very anxiety causing” due to how long it took.

Because one of her roommates holds opposite political views to her own, Villatoro (freshman-business) said it was a “kind [of] awkward” few days.

“But now that [the election] is over, it's relieving,” Villatoro said.

Kieran Shiffler was “very happy” with the election’s outcome, and said she is excited to see what happens when the “racist and homophobic” President Donald Trump leaves the White House.

“I feel safer as a woman now,” Shiffler (junior-marketing) said. “I am excited to see... an actual leader making decisions, who cares about more than just themselves.”

Although his vote usually aligns with his politically conservative family that supports Republicans, David Marchenko said Biden will be a better “figurehead” for the country than Trump.

“A lot of conservatives really liked [Trump’s] foreign policies, but I think in terms of his rhetoric, his role as a domestic president, not condemning racism… I don’t think it would be good for our country,” Marchenko (senior-data science) said.

While mainstream media outlets have called the election for Biden, Trump’s unwillingness to concede is “concerning” to Marchenko.

“[Trump is] casting doubt on the legitimacy of ballots, [but leaders of the Republican party are] encouraging him to not be so zealous [in] questioning their legitimacy, because it undermines our democracy,” Marchenko said.

Going forward, Marchenko believes Biden’s victory was ultimately the better outcome.

“I think [Biden] has the potential to take scientists more seriously,” Marchenko said. “It’ll be very similar to Obama’s presidency, especially his last few years.”


While unable to vote in this year's presidential election due to his green card status, Joadens Charles would have voted for Biden.

“I'm pleased with [Biden's victory],” Charles (senior-accounting) said. “I think Biden will do a better job of working for the people.”

“As a business major, I think Trump has done a pretty good job with the economy, but with respect to the citizens of the U.S. there's been a misguidance,” Charles said.

Charles said he lost respect for Trump’s business acumen when he watched a recent documentary detailing the widespread allegations about his practice of tax and asset fraud.

Ben Gribov does not support Biden, but in a democracy, he believes elections “aren't always gonna go how you want.”

“It's not fully over — I think Trump will try to do something with his claims of voter fraud,” Gribov (freshman-mechanical engineering) said. “I think he’ll call for a recount in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — states that are very close.”

Although he is not overly concerned with the impact of Biden’s presidency, Gribov is “slightly worried” about his potential economic policy.

While it was a “crazy” election year, Andrew Massie said it still went “pretty smoothly.”

“[This year had] a lot of voter participation, which is really important to me,” Massie (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said.

Julia Petrucci is waiting for the dust to settle before she makes her judgement on the election.

“I’ve just heard so many things from both sides, so I don't really know what to believe,” Petrucci (junior-biobehavioral health) said.

Even though the election did not turn out how she hoped, Petrucci is “still gonna respect it.”

“I just hope there's a little more peace in this country,” Petrucci said.

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Conner Goetz is an administration reporter for The Daily Collegian. He is a sophomore studying digital and print journalism as well as new media entrepreneurship