Police Car Logo Closeup

A closeup of a Penn State Police car Monday, Sept. 21, 2020.

At approximately 5:25 p.m. Wednesday, Penn State University Police and Public Safety responded to a report of physical assault at the Willard Building, according to Penn State spokesperson Lisa Powers.

Bystanders at the scene of the incident allegedly heard a man repeatedly yell “help me” from the connecting corridor on the second floor between the Willard Building and the new Bellisario Media Center. According to witnesses, a man was lying on the floor and another man walked away from him.

As people rushed toward the man on the floor, others said they saw the other man walk toward the stairwell. Bystanders confirmed the man walking away said he pushed the other man out of the bathroom for not wearing a mask.

According to Powers, the victim — a Penn State employee — was transported to Mount Nittany Medical Center for evaluation, and the police identified the suspect as another employee.

Further details are unable to be confirmed at this time because the investigation is still ongoing, Powers said.


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