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Penn State football's head athletic trainer Tim Bream may be a little late for football practice Wednesday.

Judge Allen Sinclair ordered Bream to court in Bellefonte to question whether he purposely avoided his subpoena. Sinclair's order also requests Bream's presence at the continuation of the preliminary hearings for the former Beta Theta Pi fraternity members facing charges related to the death of Timothy Piazza.

Earlier this month, defense lawyers argued that Bream and his lawyer had been resistant to their attempts to serve him with a subpoena multiple times in the summer.

Bream served as the live-in house adviser for the fraternity and was present the night of Piazza's bid acceptance.

On Feb.2, the night of Piazza's fatal fall, Bream went to bed at the conclusion of the bid acceptance ceremony. This was before the fraternity set up the “gauntlet” obstacle course where the pledges were forced to consume “dangerous” amounts of alcohol during a hazing ritual, according to lead investigator David Scicchitano.

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said she believes the defense is weak in their attempt to place blame in Bream, stating he will only plead the fifth on the stand.

“He was the captain of the ship,” one defense lawyer said. “These are young men, most of them adolescents, he’s responsible for everything that occurred in there.”

Judge Sinclair has spaced out Thursday and Friday for the continuation of the preliminary hearings, which Parks Miller said she believes will come to an end this week.