The Delta Upsilon fraternity has been charged with selling and furnishing alcohol to minors and unlawful acts related to alcohol after an individual reported a sexual assault at the fraternity, according to a criminal complaint filed last month.

According to the criminal complaint, the State College Police Department received a report of two incidents involving a freshman student at the Delta Upsilon fraternity. The incidents occurred on Aug. 26.

The female had been invited to a party at the fraternity on two separate occasions during the first week of classes last semester.

It was reported that the female was introduced to several brothers of the fraternity and was invited to play beer pong with them, according to the criminal complaint. She consumed five beers while playing the game.

After the game of beer pong, she was offered beer, but as she and her friends passed the bar, they were stopped by two fraternity brothers who poured vodka from the bottle into their mouths, according to the criminal complaint.

The member of the fraternity whom she played beer pong with then grabbed beer cans off the bar and told her to go to his room with him, according to the criminal complaint.

The female reported she was in the fraternity member’s room for a period of time.

The female was then invited back for another party on Aug. 30, according to the documents.

She said that while she was at the original party, she was never asked for identification and she told each fraternity member she and her friends were freshmen.

It was reported that all the alcohol she consumed was given to her by the fraternity and the girls were given as much alcohol as they wanted for free.

“The IFC was only recently made aware of the legal accusations against the Delta Upsilon Fraternity,” Interfraternity Council President Dan Combs (junior-chemical engineering) said. “Police reports were submitted to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life that allege the furnishing of alcohol to minors that were members of the fraternity.”

The police report also included an accusation of sexual assault, Combs said.

When the IFC learned of the incidents a few weeks ago, the fraternity was “immediately placed” on social probation and were suspended from the IFC’s new member education program pending further information, Combs said. The IFC will also conduct its own “legal investigation,” he said.

“The IFC plans to hold a judicial review of the chapter when all the information is available,” Combs said.

Delta Upsilon has also been charged for a separate incident that occurred over Oct. 9 and Oct. 10. A pledge of the fraternity was arrested for driving under the influence after consuming “liquor shots” at the fraternity, according to the criminal complaint.

The driver of the vehicle had a blood alcohol content of .15 percent and a male passenger had a blood alcohol content of .221 percent.

The passenger was taken to the hospital for medical treatment after it was determined by the police he had overdosed on alcohol, according to the criminal complaint.

The Delta Upsilon fraternity waived its preliminary hearing Wednesday, according to the Centre County Court Administrator’s Office.

The fraternity’s attorney Karen Muir did not return multiple calls for comment as of press time Wednesday.

Since Aug. 23, local police have fielded 25 other reports of sexual assault, and two reports of possible sexual assaults. The sexual assault in this incident brings the number of incidents to 26.

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