Davon Clark, 23, is facing several charges including terroristic threats, robbery, simple assault and harassment for an incident that occurred at The Pointe apartment complex on April 3.

Clark, who was wearing "blue pajama pants," got into a fist fight with roommates of a former friend over a hacky sack and a pair of Yeezys.

"All I want is my hacky sack," Clark said, according to court documents.

One of the roommates told Clark they were not his sneakers. Clark allegedly got angry and threatened all the roommates with a gun he stored in his pajama pants and said "don't make me use this." He also bit one of the men on the right side of his torso during the fight, according to court documents.

Police identified the gun as a toy revolver. They also found a radar detector Clark stole earlier before he hid from the police in the woods, according to court documents.

Before stealing the radar detector and threatening Pointe patrons with a toy, Clark allegedly stole a tablet from an Uber driver he met at McDonald's on North Atherton Street.

Clark is awaiting a preliminary hearing on April 12.

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