New Coronavirus update graphic

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced updated quarantine procedures in accordance with guidance given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday.

According to a press release from the DOH, individuals who were exposed to someone with the coronavirus can either participate in a 10-day quarantine without testing or a seven-day quarantine if they received a negative test on or after the fifth day of quarantine.

The release said, however, these updated procedures do not apply to those within a healthcare setting or those in congregate living, including nursing homes and prisons.

The DOH also encouraged those who are exposed to monitor their symptoms for 14 days after their last encounter with the virus.

According to the press release, the previous 14-day quarantine recommendation was based on the incubation period of the virus, but the CDC announced these new options to receive more compliance with participating in a quarantine and contact tracing.



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Quincey Reese is a news features and investigations reporter for The Daily Collegian. She is a sophomore majoring in digital and print journalism with a minor in psychology.