New Coronavirus update graphic

The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced a Coronavirus Vaccine Plan on their website Thursday, along with a frequently asked questions section about the vaccine.

According to the DOH, a vaccine to prevent the virus has not yet been authorized or approved, although a vaccine is currently being developed.

The department plans to distribute the vaccine in three phases when available, while doing their part to still follow CDC guidelines, which include social distancing, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently.

Phase one may include a limited supply of the coronavirus vaccine doses with initial efforts in focusing on reaching the following populations:

  • Healthcare personnel
  • Emergency Medical Service first responders
  • Critical workers who are maintaining core societal functions/essential workers
  • People over 65 years and older
  • Residents of congregate care settings

Phase two anticipates a larger number of vaccine doses available with efforts to focus on providing access to the following:

  • Those who did not receive the vaccine in phase one
  • The general population

Phase three will ensure a sufficient supply of the vaccine doses for the entire population.

For more information about the vaccine plan in Pennsylvania visit the DOH website.


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