graduation photo ideas

One of the overlooked disappointments of Penn State's transition to remote learning is the seniors’ missed opportunity to take graduation photos. But if you didn’t get the chance to have a senior photoshoot on campus before break, there are still plenty of ways to get photos from the safety of your home.

While pictures on Old Main and other staple Penn State locations are often photo tradition, it gives students the chance for new levels of creativity in their graduation photos.

Here are some graduation photo ideas for seniors stuck at home:

Take photos at a local park

While it’s no Arboretum, a natural green space close to home can create simple yet beautiful graduation photos. Of course, make sure you’re practicing social distancing first and foremost.

Photoshop yourself into photos of classic campus relics

Until you have the chance to come back to campus to take makeup photos, share your Photoshop abilities with the world. Insert yourself (and your friends) into some of the most popular places on campus like Old Main, Beaver Stadium and the Nittany Lion Shrine. Poor editing is okay too, just work with what you have!

Pose on your couch

A lot of people have little more to do during quarantine than sitting on their couch and binging Netflix. While you’re catching up on “Love is Blind,” throw on your cap and gown — if you’ve got them — to take a few great portrait shots in your living room. Afterall, it is where many spend their time in “Zoom University.”

Your childhood school

While social distancing is key, you can try to take a trip to your elementary school to reminisce on everything you’ve accomplished since kindergarten. These senior photos are sure to make your mom cry.

With your pets

Who needs friends when you have your pets? Whether it’s your cat, dog or even a fish, now is the perfect opportunity to take your senior pictures with those that have been there for you all along — that’s something you wouldn’t be able to get on campus.

The classic selfie

Don’t have a professional photographer with you at home? No problem, you’ve got your cell phone camera at the ready! Snap a quick selfie in your cap and gown for the most authentic senior photos during quarantine.


Recreate childhood photos

More likely than not, you’ve probably changed a lot from the time you were running around in the house as a child. Take out some of your most precious or hilarious childhood photos and reminisce on simpler times.

Zoom screenshot

This is an obvious choice. With most Penn State classes taking place on Zoom, get your friends together on a Zoom call for a screenshot.

In your childhood bedroom

For the latter half of the spring semester, all seniors have the opportunity to turn their childhood bedroom into their classroom. It’s not only a realistic setting for your final days attending “Penn State,” but it offers a sentimental touch that senior photos at University Park wouldn’t be able to touch.

With your Penn State acceptance letter

Just like that, the journey toward graduation was finished and you’re finally there! Think back to the moment when you initially received your acceptance letter to Penn State, and try to capture all of the emotions you felt. Once, it was just a dream, though now it will become a reality as you’re on your way to becoming a Penn State alumnus.

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