UPUA meeting 04/28

In a meeting that extended to nearly four hours, Penn State’s University Park Undergraduate Association reconfirmed members and passed numerous pieces of legislation, some of which made fundamental changes to the organization in its General Assembly meeting.

In its first act of the night, UPUA confirmed its liaison to Penn State’s spring music festival “Movin’ On.” Nominated by Cara Fliegel, Sean Terrey (junior-political science) was confirmed to the position without competition.

Following this, the General Assembly reconfirmed four associate justices to the student government’s judicial branch.

After brief remarks, Jake Lemler (sophomore-political science), Taran Samarth (sophomore-political science, philosophy and sociology), Amelia Dodoo (sophomore-psychology and African studies) and David Pool (junior-finance and international politics) were sworn in by UPUA President Erin Boas.

The first of several pieces of legislation proposed the creation of a new department in UPUA’s executive branch, the Department of Public Relations.

The new department combines the responsibilities of the offices of Communications and Outreach, which previously overlapped in responsibility, according to some UPUA members. The policy passed unanimously after some discussion.

After the passage of that policy, the General Assembly began discussions on the creation of another entirely new department in the executive branch called the Department of Committee Relations.

The goal of this new department, which will be headed by UPUA chief-of-staff Sarah Jordan, is to increase cohesion between the student government’s executive and legislative branches, and streamline intergovernmental activities.

Another policy long in the making followed the creation of these new departments, UPUA unanimously voted to implement a land acknowledgement prior to the adoption of each General Assembly meeting’s agenda.

Additionally, the assembly passed UPUA’s 2021-2022 budget, which was presented by Speaker of the Assembly Sydney Gibbard.

The budget, which totals $150,798.55, includes the following items:

Operational Sub-Budget

Total: $81,000.00

Discretionary Usage: $19,000.00

  • Presidential Discretionary: $12,500.00 (Authority: President Boas)
  • Speaker Discretionary: $6,500.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)

Operational Usage: $17,500.00 (Authority: President Boas)

  • Conferences: $7,000.00
  • Facility Rental: $8,000.00
  • General Office Supplies: $2,500.00

Programming: $30,500.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)

  • Mental Health and Wellness: $8,500.00
  • Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention: $15,000.00
  • PSU Votes: $3,000.00
  • World Culture: $4,000.00

Miscellaneous: $14,000.00

  • UPUA Elections Commission: $3,000.00 (Authority: President Boas)
  • UPUA Department of Communications: $4,000.00 (Authority: President Boas)
  • 16th Assembly Reserve Fund: $7,000.00 (Authority: UPUA 17th Assembly President)

Show-Cause Budget

Total: $36,000.00

  • 2021-2022 Student Handbook: $15,000.00 (Authority: President Boas)
  • The Princeton Review Test Prep Resources: $10,000.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)
  • Lyft Subsidies: $4,500.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)
  • Coffee for Finals: $3,000.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)
  • Capital Day: $2,500.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)
  • Resume Printing: $1,000.00 (Authority: Speaker Gibbard)

Total Allocated: $117,000.00

Assembly Discretionary

Total: $33,798.55

TOTAL Type-40: $150,798.55

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James Engel is a student government reporter at The Daily Collegian. He is a freshman studying digital and print journalism and classics and ancient Mediterranean studies with a minor in French.