THON 2020, Sunday morning, Ok Otter performance

Ok Otter performs on stage during Penn State THON at the Bryce Jordan Center on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020.

Even in a virtual format, THON 2021 featured a variety of talent, ranging from DJs to dancers but most importantly — cover bands.

Cover bands typically feature the perfect blend of classic songs with a twist.

Here are this year’s top THON cover bands ranked.

5. Vision to None

One thing Vision to None deserves credit for is having a mix of genres in its setlist.

Rather than sticking to just one genre, the band covered many different artists from Ed Sheeran to Smash Mouth.

Like many bands that performed, Vision to None also covered The Killers' popular track, “Mr. Brightside.”

Nothing special, but it was a solid performance.

4. SouthPaw

SouthPaw kicked off its start to THON 2021 by performing with student Olivia Notto after she won THON Idol.

Much like Vision to None, SouthPaw kept its setlist fresh with an array of varying genres.

It was the band’s cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” that gave it the edge over Vision to None — it definitely did justice to the 1978 hit.

With other covers from bands like the Jonas Brothers and Paramore, SouthPaw managed to create a great performance.

3. My Hero Zero

As a staple THON performer, it was no surprise to see My Hero Zero grace the stage once again this year.

Notability aside, My Hero Zero was a great way to close out the second day of THON.

Its cover of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” was a solid opener and, much like the aforementioned bands, My Hero Zero crafted a setlist with different genres and artists, offering a little something for everyone.

What ranks it above SouthPaw and Visions to None was My Hero Zero's rendition of “Mr. Brightside,” which was arguably the best performance of this THON staple.

2. Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s

Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s featured the most unique setlist of the weekend, giving the band the runner-up spot.

From Prince to Lizzo, the band's eclectic track selection made it a standout at this year’s THON.

Being the only band not to perform at the Bryce Jordan Center, the group deserves credit for its energy and charisma while playing in what looked like a small room.

It's not a shock the Hi-Fi's won the first ever THON Battle of the Bands.

1. OK Otter

Despite losing to Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s in the Battle of the Bands, OK Otter was this year’s best cover band at THON.

As a whole, the collective talent between the band worked cohesively to cover some all-time greats.

Rather than choosing “Mr. Brightside,” OK Otter went with another Killers track, “All These Things That I’ve Done.”

Performing multiple times throughout the weekend, the cherry on top for OK Otter was its rendition of The Strokes’ “Someday.”

The best part of OK Otter was that every member seemed to be the star of the show.

From beatboxing to accordion playing, OK Otter is the best of the best for THON 2021's cover bands.


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