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Penn State THON organizations ‘thrilled’ leading up to in-person THON

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100 Days 'Til THON

Balloons for THON's "100 Days 'Til THON" celebration are displayed on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 in the HUB-Robeson Center.

For THON 2021, the pandemic put a halt on organizations conducting in-person events, and THON utilized a virtual format for all of its activities.

Now, THON is back to an in-person format for 2022, and it will celebrate 100 Days ‘Til THON on Wednesday in the HUB-Robeson Center.

Executive Chair of the THON organization Atlas Emma Moul said the virtual format was out of her “control,” which was “frustrating” since the club was not able to raise as much money, but all she could do was “try and find new ways to keep raising money.”

“[Atlas] did it all over Zoom, and it still ended up being very successful. We still made a good amount of money, which is awesome,” Moul (senior-supply chain management and Spanish) said.

However, many fundraising events that typically bring in the most money were not able to happen, she said.

“We weren’t able to do the Beaver Stadium cleanup or the [Bryce Jordan Center] concessions, some of those big things that make us a lot of money, but we are getting to do them this year, which is great,” Moul said.

Moul said she was “thrilled” when it was announced that THON would be held in person.

“It is so much more inspirational and motivational for a lot of people,” Moul said.


THON organizations are ready to be back in person after a mixed mode of events over the past year, Moul said.

“We have the family carnival and a lot of cool fundraisers for over break, and I am just excited for everything,” Moul said. “I am almost kind of sad that we are 100 days until THON because that means it's close to being over.”

THON organization Apollo’s president, Noelle Selden, said last year her and four of her friends danced at a friend’s house for THON weekend.

“We blacked out all of the windows so we couldn’t see what time it was, and Penn State has free access to cameras and iPads so we were able to use Zoom and livestream with our families the entire time,” Selden said.

Selden said she is “very excited” for THON to be back in person because it gives the organization something to look forward to after all of the “uncertainty” on whether the event would be in person this year.

Now that THON is 100 days away, Selden said everything is really being put into “perspective” by giving an exact number of how close the event is.

On 100 Days ‘Til THON, Apollo has been working on a fundraiser in the HUB fitting the theme of the Dream Forward campaign, according to Selden. The Dream Forward campaign is a 16-day fundraising initiative with the goal of raising $600,000, according to THON.

THON’s 2022 event theme is “Spark Endless Light,” as its Executive Committee announced on Oct. 22.


The fundraiser will include self-care baskets, which is “something [Apollo] had worked on during the coronavirus, which is to promote growing your health and growing your mind,” Selden said.

It will include “green tea, puzzles and pamphlets that the university made on how to deal with stress.”

Selden said she is “really glad” Apollo will be able to “help grow people's minds and focus on themselves.”

Moreover, President of Ohana McKenna Border said her organization is “powering through” and doing everything it can to continue fundraising and seeing its THON families.

“100 Days is always exciting — there is still a lot of fundraising to do, but we are pushing through and getting back into the normal THON era,” Border (senior-health policy and administration) said. “Since we missed it last year in person, we are getting everyone excited to be back in person, back with our families and back on the floor.”

Border also said Ohana is using this time to recruit new members.

“This year is kind of like recruiting two classes essentially — both sophomores and freshmen just because nobody was really involved in anything last year with the coronavirus,” Border said.

Ohana is fundraising like it has “been in the past” and joining with other organizations to hold group fundraisers to get more “engagement” by keeping members involved and “as in the loop as possible,” Border said.

100 Days ‘Til THON “always gets people rolling,” Border said, especially during the last stretch of the fall semester because “it is good to remind people that there is something to look forward to after break.”

Moul agreed with the anticipation leading up to the 100 Days ‘Til THON celebration in the HUB and said the Atlas executive board is “super excited” — especially after last year.

“[Atlas executive board members] really brought all the fire and are really excited to make this the best year ever.”

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