THON 2022, Final Four, Line Dance

Dancers participate in the final THON line dance in the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pa. on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022.

If you see zombie-like people walking around Penn State, don’t panic — it’s just the Monday after THON Weekend.

Many THON attendees planned ahead of time to finish assignments before the 46-hour weekend began, so sleep is the only thing they have to catch up on.

Carmen Zangrilli said he was “proactive” and got his homework done before THON started.

“I just have to study for an exam I have on Wednesday, but besides that, I’m pretty good,” Zangrilli (junior-education) said.

Zangrilli, who was a security leader for THON's Rules & Regulation committee this past weekend, said he will not attend classes on Monday.

“I think I will sleep in until at least 2 o’clock, so I will miss my classes that I have,” Zangrilli said. "I think my body will need it because I haven’t slept since 2 o’clock [on Friday].”

Owen Mable, a lieutenant for the THON OPPerations committee, said it was “TBD” whether he would attend classes after the weekend.

Mable’s (junior-aerospace engineering) plan to catch up on homework is “staying up late and not doing anything else.” Mable had been at the Bryce Jordan Center for around 30 hours as of Saturday.

“Try to get it done before,” Mable said, advising other students. “Hopefully, your professors aren’t mean and will push it back for you, but it is what it is.”

Jonathan Louw, who was at THON holding letters for Alpha Sigma Phi, said he thinks it’s “evil” for teachers to assign homework during THON.

Louw (freshman-accounting) said he had a lot of homework to catch up on and plans to do so with “caffeine.” Louw also shared advice for those who are in similar situations.

“If you have a break, do one or two more problems [and] sleep,” Louw said.

THON Final Four, Family Hour Spectators

Spectators come together during the THON Family Hour at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pa. on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022.

Maggie Bobka, who was supporting Zeta Tau Alpha, said she didn’t have any homework because she “did it all beforehand.”

“I didn’t have that much,” Bobka (sophomore-nursing) said. “My teachers were pretty good about that.”

Bobka’s piece of advice to those catching up was to “grind it out,” and she wished them the “best of luck.”

THON Hospitality committee member Jared Dompier said he planned ahead, especially as he was planning to spend about 35 hours total at the BJC.

“It’s just a great cause, a great thing to do,” Dompier (senior-chemical engineering) said. “[I] really love it here, and I encourage anybody to check it out.”

Dompier said going to classes Monday “depends on when [he wakes] up.”

Dancer Relations committee member Christina Williamson doesn’t have to worry about going to classes on Monday — she doesn’t have any.

“Normally, in the past, I have been a [THON committee member], and I have [gone to classes],” Williamson (senior-security risk analysis) said.

Williamson said it was stressed in the meetings for DRCMs to check their syllabi before THON.

“If you just plan [it] out and manage it, then you’re almost all set for the weekend,” Williamson said. “A lot of professors are also pretty [understanding]. I know I had a class late afternoon on Friday, and it was no questions asked when I told her I couldn't be there because I had to be helping with dancer setup.”

To Williamson, professors “really respect” THON, and it’s possible to prevent homework stress if you “plan it out and communicate with your professors.”

“We’re all students first, but at the same time, this is so much bigger than just school itself. This is more than an individual — this is a whole university-wide effort.”


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