THON, Saturday, Stretch

Dancer Relations Committee member Genna Aldridge (junior-biomedical engineering) helps Newman Catholic Student Association dancer Olivia Tota stretch during Penn State THON in the Bryce Jordan Center on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020.

THON dancers are nearing the finish line.

When standing for such a long time, it’s important to maintain proper nutrition and stay hydrated. Most dancers are aware of this and have made it a priority to stay on top of their health throughout the weekend.

The Dancer Relations Committee gave dancers recommendations for what to eat over the weekend and vouchers to local restaurants such as Playa Bowls, Texas Roadhouse and Roots for dancers to use, according to Hospitality Captain Colleen McFadden

Megan Ellery, a dancer for Club Cross Country, is entering the final hours of THON focusing on her health.

As a runner, Ellery (senior-mechanical engineering) said she believes it’s important to stay healthy during the weekend. She said she normally tries to be healthy, so this behavior is natural during THON.

Ellery said her energy took dips throughout THON, and some moments required more perseverance. But going into the end of THON, she said she’s feeling rejuvenated.

“We definitely went through some highs and lows. [I] had some time where I just had to put my headphones in and walk around for a while, [I] took some walks outside, but I’m feeling rejuvenated now and ready to power through these last hours,” Ellery said.

Staying hydrated is an important part of the weekend, and Ellery said it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the livestream. But, she said reminders from Dancer Relations Committee members have helped her stay hydrated throughout the weekend.


Ellery has been using vouchers from THON and following the recommendations from DR for her meals. She said she believes healthy choices lead to a better result for the weekend.

“There are definitely times where you’re like ‘Oh, I don’t wanna eat anything right now,’ but it’s important to remind yourself or get those reminders from others [to] just try to eat something small,” Ellery said. “Even if it’s a piece of peanut butter toast — because you burn a lot more calories than you think that you do.”

Morgan DiPippa, a dancer with Sigma Sigma Sigma, emphasized the importance of staying healthy during THON. She said her and the other Sigma Sigma Sigma dancers "didn't do as great of a job" eating full meals on the first day.

“We were snacking a lot, especially Friday night, and we definitely felt it. So we’ve been drinking a ton of water, and it’s helped so much,” DiPippa (senior-marketing and English) said.

DiPippa said her energy level is “good.” She said her feet hurt from standing, and she was excited when the first night ended.

“The first night was kinda hard, because you have so much ahead of you but now that we got through the first night and day over with, the end is in sight,” DiPippa said.

Olivia Simmerman, a dancer with Arnold Air Society, has been using the vouchers from THON for some of her meals. A family friend of her organization has been bringing the dancers food from Grubhub as well.

Simmerman (senior-digital and print journalism) said the second night was “kinda rough” but now that she's made it through, she's on powering to the finish line.

Simmerman said her energy was low in the “dead hours” of the morning when the livestream wasn't active.

“You have to really rely on the people around you to keep you energized — energy was very low then. But it's coming back up, the sun is shining and we can see the end.”



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