Alexa Corazzi

OPP members Alexa Corazzi (right), Elise McGrath (center) and Paige Pleviak (left) stand together in the BJC during THON Weekend.

With so many THON committees to choose from, OPPerations, the committee responsible for mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms, may not seem like an ideal choice. The members of OPP, however, are more than happy with their roles within the philanthropy.

Lieutenant Liasion for OPP, Melissa Martin, said there are many types of shifts that OPP entails, such as cleaning out trash and bathrooms on the concourse, as well as portal sweeps where they ask spectators for any trash. On the event floor, they do moppings, and weigh the trash and recycling, while also preparing the mats for the Slides of Strength.

“Basically — we clean,” OPP member Paige Pleviak said.

Martin (senior-premed) said that for most members, the trash sweeps on the floor are the favorite shifts, because they get to talk to their friends who are dancing and see the performances up close.

“I think it’s just the OPP mentality,” Martin said. “We love doing odd jobs [and] physical labor. We have so much fun with it.”

Martin said she thinks OPP tends to attract students who are hardworking and easy going, and can find ways to have fun on the job.

“I know I don’t necessarily like to [clean] at my own apartment,” Martin said. “But I would do it all day every day at the BJC because of the people I’m surrounded by.”

Martin said there are close to 800 volunteers in OPP, yet they still are able to form close bonds and be what she calls “a big blue family.”

Alexa Corazzi joined OPP because she heard she would be able to do a lot of things within the committee, rather than just doing the same thing all weekend long. She was also encouraged to join because of the size of the committee and knew she would be able to meet a lot of people.

Corazzi (freshman-marketing) said she would not consider herself or her committee members to be people that enjoy cleaning when they are at home, but thinks that cleaning for THON with the other members offers a completely different experience and can actually be very fun.

While they do have the responsibility of cleaning the bathrooms, they get to do it with their friends.

“I feel like we’re doing something that’s good for THON,” Paige Pleviak said. “It feels good to be moving and getting things done, and it’s for the benefit of everyone else.”

Pleviak (sophomore-marketing) said she thinks OPP is definitely one of the more “overlooked” committees, and even though people often want to join Dancer Relations, OPP offers a great THON experience as well.

“If anyone is interested in THON 2020 and doesn’t know what committee to join, I would highly recommend OPP,” Martin said.

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