pig slippers THON 2019

A pair of pig slippers left behind in the Bryce Jordan Center stands after THON 2019. 

Those on the floor and in the stands of the Bryce Jordan Center leave a lot behind: tears, dedication, pride. After the fact, however, there are different types of things left as artifacts of the weekend. Here are a few things found post-THON.

1. Water guns

Warmer days are still far off, but that doesn’t mean a summer staple, such as water guns, can’t make an appearance during THON weekend.

Scattered among the stands, were several discarded toy guns, hinting at various water shoot-outs.

Perhaps an organization v. organization war broke out.

2. Giant face photos

Fatheads and posters could be seen by all during the 46 hours of THON weekend, but after the BJC drained, some people were left behind — or at least pictures of them were.

Blown up selfies large enough to be uncomfortable reserved spots among the seats, waiting for the cleaning show to begin.

It’s unknown who these abandoned faces belong to, but just maybe they will end up somewhere other than the trash to see the light of day once more.

face sign THON 2019

A face sign left behind after THON 2019. 

3. Slippers

Long hours crammed into a stadium with no place to sleep adds up to the desire to be as comfortable as possible. One spectator decided to stomp on the idea of “when pigs fly” with this pair of slippers.

Considering the type of garment, one wonders which little piggy died for these.

4. Giant letters

Though they don’t compare to the metal letters attached to the houses of fraternities, the handmade letters were eye-grabbing amid the sea of spectators.

Some were painted. Some had flashing light trims. Some were cloaked in fabric. And some were left behind.

No longer held high above the heads of organizations, the letters leaned precariously against whatever surface has accepted them.

T sign THON 2019

A giant "T' sign left behind after THON 2019.

5. Tampons

Most women understand that Mother Nature pauses for no one when a certain time of the month comes around.

The women in the BJC were no exception as dozens were likely to be on their periods during the weekend. The bodily function was no reason to forgo THON, however.

It does beg the question about female dancers going through a certain week in their lives.

tampons THON 2019

A box of tampons surrounded by garbage left behind after THON 2019.

6. Glow sticks

When The Rockets performed as the final act of the night, the lights of the Bryce Jordan Center dimmed, highlighting the light fixtures and details in the stands.

Across the audience, light sticks bobbed to the music, some changing colors. One organization in the corner of the stadium aligned the sticks into different patterns.

7. Fanny packs

These 80s-style relics made a frequent appearance at THON, as many students needed to bring necessities in the Bryce Jordan Center and large bags aren't allowed.

While most brought their fanny packs home with them, others left them — and the items inside them — in the Bryce Jordan Center stands.



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