Canswer Sock

21-year-old "Canswer Socks" creator Matt Gresia visits THON at the Bryce Jordan Center. 

Finding the search for a cure for cancer has been an inspiration to many at THON. Matt Gresia, 21, felt this inspiration and he created his business "Canswer Socks," which he said focuses on selling socks.

Gresia, of East Chester, New York, said he created his business in 2016 for two reasons: Following his dream of creating a clothing brand and doing something in memory of his grandfather.

Before he was born, Gresia said his grandfather died from lung cancer.

"As a kid, I was always just like, 'Aw man, I wish I could be with him,' and I sort of couldn't understand it," Gresia said. "But then as I grew older, I started to understand how much cancer has affected people's lives."

Gresia said if he could combine his two passions, he could help a lot more people that have been affected by cancer, just like him.

"I'm not the only one that's been affected by [cancer]," Gresia said. "And we see that today [at THON]. There's so many people here to support that, it's so cool."

Gresia said he created the name "Canswer Socks" to coincide with the company's mission of "finding the answer to cancer."

According to Gresia, around 10 percent of the company's annual profits are donated to cancer research at St. Judes' Research Hospital.

While Gresia's company doesn't benefit Penn State Hershey Medical Center, he said his company reminds him of THON.

"It's sort of juvenile and sort of fun," Gresia said.

From a business perspective, Gresia said giving his proceeds to cancer research gives him "more meaning."

"Every dollar, every minute spent working towards the solution to cancer, everything adds up," Gresia said.

Gresia said he discovered THON from a friend who goes to Penn State.

"The energy is very good," Gresia said. "I heard everyone's getting tired so it's crazy how the energy is great. It's cool it's so positive."

While Gresia said he knows other schools have initiatives to benefit for cancer research, he said there is nothing quite like Penn State's THON.

"It's really cool that Penn State uses their platform and their massive student population to produce something like this," Gresia said.

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