UPUA Meeting Sept. 8, 2021

Penn State's University Park Undergraduate Association held its second in-person meeting of the fall semester Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021 in the HUB-Robeson Center.

Penn State University Park Undergraduate Association nominated and confirmed Rep. Jason Nelson as chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Continued Policy and Planning for Covid-19 and its Variants during its Wednesday night meeting.

Nelson (sophomore-food science) contributed to the creation of the Ad-Hoc committee and was nominated to then head the committee during the meeting. Before UPUA voted on the confirmation, Nelson gave a speech to those in attendance.

This speech outlined Nelson’s opinion of the importance of the committee and his plans for addressing the coronavirus and its variants.

“The Ad-Hoc committee was created as the COVID-19 pandemic and its variants that have spawned as a result have continued to play a persistent threat to the world, the country and our campus at large,” Nelson said.

Nelson, the UPUA representative for the Penn State Student Lion Pride Roundtable for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, emphasized the need for the committee based on the delta variant as well as other variants that are more easily spread across populations “with or without the [coronavirus] vaccine,” he said.

“It is my belief that we still must continue to take precautions in order to prevent the spread of these variants in order to protect the community as a whole,” Nelson said. “I believe that us, as an advocacy student group, could do with recommending better policies and better plans for addressing COVID-19 and its variants as it continues.”

Nelson was then asked to leave the room as the council deliberated and voted on his confirmation.

When the council finished voting, Nelson was summoned back into the room and Vice President of the UPUA Najee Rodriguez congratulated Nelson on being elected as the chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Continued Policy and Planning for Covid-19 and its Variants.



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