Eastview Terrace, Brill Hall

Brill Hall in Eastview Terrace on March 3, 2021.

Penn State students who have been isolated or quarantined for coronavirus have reported an "overall satisfaction" with their experiences, according to Penn State News.

Surveys to gauge the isolation experience are sent to students weekly after they have completed their required on-campus isolation or quarantine if they have contracted or been in close contact with someone with coronavirus. The university has conducted the surveys since the fall semester.

The survey has received a 16% response rate, according to Penn State News.

The survey is confidential and asks students a variety of questions about their levels of satisfaction  — on a scale of “very satisfied” to “very dissatisfied."

Certain numbers vary by week as new initiatives are put in place, according to Penn State News.

The categories include "accommodations," "food services," "experience before beginning quarantine/isolation" and "experience during quarantine/isolation." Students reported feeling "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" in all areas.

Students reported the most satisfaction in their experience during quarantine/isolation with 94.6% of respondents reporting they had all resources necessary to their health available to them.

Students reported the least satisfaction with food services with 55.3% of respondents reporting a positive quality of food.



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