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Old Main is illuminated as the sun sets on Penn State's campus on Monday, March 18, 2019.

The Penn State College of the Liberal Arts responded to a now-deleted tweet that sparked controversy on social media on Friday.

The tweet, which was deleted a few hours after being posted, was met with backlash from Twitter users.

Intended to tell students they belong in the college, the tweet included lines such as, “Dear conservative students, Your viewpoints are important” and “Dear Latinx students, You will not find walls here.”

Deleted PSU Liberal Arts tweet

William Hessert, the director of strategic communications of the College of the Liberal Arts, said the tweet had been shared to express the college’s “inclusive and supportive environment,” but that the message hadn’t been “received well.”

“While we don’t often delete posts, given the sensitivities we felt it was better to remove it,” Hessert said via email. “It is important that messages are heard as intended.”

Twitter users took to the platform to express their views on the tweet.

Andrew Pegoda — a professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies at the University of Houston — said the tweet was “problematic” because conservatives aren’t systematically disadvantaged.

Other critical responses came from author Tim Maughan, podcaster Jon-Stephen Stansel, political organizer Max Berger and Penn State students and alumni.

However, some did not take issue with the tweet and supported its message.

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Lilly Riddle is a news features and investigations reporter at The Daily Collegian. She is a sophomore studying digital and print journalism, and political science.