First Day of Classes, Classroom

A majority of the seats in a classroom are taped off for students to sit six feet apart in the Chambers Building on Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.

Penn State announced Tuesday 96% of courses will be delivered in person in the fall with a plan to transition to in-person classes gradually over the summer.

At University Park, 14,109 out of 14,714 course sections will be held in person next semester, according to Penn State News.

In a traditional year, around 15,200 courses are offered with 97% of those sections held in person.

The majority of classes are scheduled to be in person, but the courses can adapt to the changing conditions of the pandemic to ensure the “well-being of [the university’s] students, faculty, staff and local communities," according to Penn State News.

At commonwealth campuses, Penn State announced approximately 83% of courses will be in person in the fall as opposed to the usual 87% of classes conducted in person. 

A percentage of in-person courses for the summer semester has not been announced.

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