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Users can now select their pronouns to display on their Canvas profile. Canvas announced the feature through a notification on its homepage. 

According to Canvas, users can choose “she/her, he/him or they/them” as their pronouns, which will follow the user’s name on Canvas.

The Canvas team worked with the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity to create the pronoun feature.

The Canvas message also explained a pronoun option for Penn State Zoom users.

Although users can not change their Zoom profile names due to “administrative security settings,” each meeting host can enable a feature for users to rename themselves during the meeting.

According to the Canvas notification, the addition of preferred pronoun and renaming features are in accordance with Penn State’s AD84 Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy, which establishes “a preferred name and/or gender identity within the University's information systems.”

The message provided a link to instructions for adding pronouns to Canvas profiles and instructions for users to rename themselves in Zoom meetings.


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