Grand Jury Tim Piazza Beta Theta Pi

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller presents the recommendations of the grand jury at the Bellefonte County Courthouse Annex on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017 almost a year after the death of Tim Piazza at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house.

BELLEFONTE -- The parents of the late Timothy Piazza aren't buying Penn State's attempt to sure up greek life, chastising the university for "[promoting] itself as a fun place to go to school rather than a great place to get an education," according to a statement released during a press conference detailing the grand jury report. 

"They continue to talk about new protocols and changes to be made, but many of the changes that they promised have still not been implemented," Jim and Evelyn Piazza said.

They added: "We are also disturbed at Penn State’s response which was more of the same rhetoric that we have heard for the past 10 months. The President of the University and some of the Trustees have acknowledged that the University could have and should have done more to protect students, including our son Tim....It is clear from the report that the University knew about the deep rooted problems, and that they were significant. Instead of taking action against them, they allowed them to continue in hopes that somehow they would rectify themselves, through student governance, until of course Tim died and the world began to watch."

The Piazza's applauded the grand jury's recommendations: "From the beginning, we have discussed many of the recommendations with President Barron and have requested, on more than a dozen occasions, to meet with the Penn State Board of Trustees to discuss our recommendations and the lack of implementation of their own new protocols and changes. Those requests have still not been granted."

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