THON, Saturday, BJC

The Bryce Jordan Center filled with people early Saturday morning of THON, Feb. 16, 2019.

The anticipated moment at the conclusion of THON is finally here. This year’s fundraising efforts has resulted in $10,621,683.76 for the kids.

As expected, not a single eye turned away from the stage as poster by poster the total was revealed, quantifying the efforts of every person who dedicated their year to raising money for the Four Diamond families, treatment and cancer research.

Last year’s THON resulted in $10,151,663.93, even after phasing out a former fundraising tactic involving canning.

In 2014, THON raised $13,343,517.33, which is still the highest total to date.

After three accidents during out-of-town fundraising in the fall, THON’s executive director announced the cancellation of all future trips requiring travel, as the Daily Collegian reported.

Despite this limitation, the total reflects an enduring dedication to make a difference regardless of restrictions.

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