Rapper Logic performing on stage at the Pier Six Concert Pavilion on Aug. 10, 2017 in Baltimore.

Each year, the Movin’ On music festival brings in some of the most popular artists of the time. This year, rapper Logic is headlining the show, which is a free daylong event on the last day of classes produced and organized by Penn State students.

Logic’s career exploded last year when his album “Everybody” hit No.1 on Billboard and the song “1-800-273-8255” received critical acclaim for its positive social impact. But even so, it wasn’t easy for Movin’ On to select Logic out of so many potential acts and recruit him to the show.

“We start making a big list of about 200 possible acts in the summer before the school year starts,” Katie Mischler, executive director of Movin’ On, said.

The team spends many hours brainstorming this list, considering things such as the performer’s energy, amount of audience interaction, current relevance, cost and popularity among the college-aged crowd.

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“We watched the charts throughout the summer and it was really his VMA performance that caught our attention since that was such a big deal,” Phoebe Millspaugh (junior-film/video), director of marketing for Movin’ On, said.

From there, the Movin’ On executive board gradually cuts down the list. Toward the end of the process, they put together a survey of some of the most likely candidates for Penn State students to vote on in order to more accurately gauge audience interest.

“Logic was the top pick in the rap category and rap was the top category people wanted to see, according to the survey,” Mischler (senior-recreation, park and tourism management) said.

She also noted that the show has not had a rap headliner in a long time, and thanks to Logic’s current popularity and positive energy, the Movin’ On team voted to try and bring him to the show in what was the first unanimous vote in years.

“Penn State is very cutting-edge when it was comes to music,” Mischler said, noting that there’s a lot of pressure to bring someone as relevant to the current music scene as possible.

Booking Logic doesn’t come cheap, though, according to Mischler.

As a result, the Movin’ On team had to make some sacrifices. The festival will feature one less musical act than in previous years. While the lineup is still as musically diverse as possible, this means one less genre can be covered.

To compensate for this change, there will be a number of other activities to make the festival experience as fun a day as possible for students, according to Mischler. She added that more specific information on these activities will be released soon.

The Movin’ On team works with a middle agent with connections and capabilities to get into contact with artists they’re interested in bringing to the school. In this case, they filled out a bid sheet for Logic for his team to look at and then waited for a response.

Mischler does not know for sure, but she speculated Logic said yes to the offer because Penn State always has a good crowd and its students love rap music.

LOGIC laughs

LOGIC smiles and laughs as the crowd sings him Happy Birthday in the HUB on January 22, 2016.

He has also been here before, performing at a SPA-hosted concert in 2016.

“What differentiates Logic is that he has a message. Hate it or love it, these people are role models for kids,” said Ram Jay, who considers himself a huge fan of Logic. “Logic really practices what he preaches,” he added.

Jay (sophomore-finance and mathematics) said he is extremely excited and Friday will mark the second time he will be in the front row for a Logic show.

Movin’ On is free for anyone to attend starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 27 at the IM Fields. Logic will be joined by Daya, Judah and the Lion, Mick Jenkins and local band Lenina Crowne, the winner of Movin’ On’s Battle of the Bands competition back in March.

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