Team Arrival, Nittany Lion

The Penn State Nittany Lion runs around and high fives fans during the team arrival before the Penn State vs. Kent State football game at Beaver Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018.

Penn State recently made its way onto another university rankings list — this time, for its tailgate culture.

Tailgater Magazine added Penn State to the 2019 Top 25 College Tailgates list, landing at number 15 among universities across multiple athletic conferences.

The magazine stated that “[w]in or lose, the university offers an incredible tailgate environment" for over 100,000 fans, referencing traditions related to Penn State football such as camping outside Beaver Stadium for Nittanyville to making ice cream stops at Berkey Creamery.

Other Big Ten universities also made it onto the list, such as Ohio State University and University of Michigan, charting at number 8 and 14, respectively. The highest ranking Big Ten university on the list is University of Wisconsin, which sits at number 7.

Penn State was ranked above other universities including Florida State University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Oklahoma and more.

This fall, the Nittany Lions will face their first match up at Beaver Stadium against University of Idaho on Aug. 31.

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