Stop Trump Protest

NextGen Climate Pennsylvania hosted a protest to stop Donald Trump outside the Allen Street Gates on W. College Ave on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Spending more than 20 minutes on campus without hearing the phrase, “are you registered to vote at Penn State?” has become a spectacular rarity. It seems as though around every corner lurks yet another group of young adults ready to combat the ongoing struggles of political apathy plaguing current millennials.

Many students are unaware of what the seemingly endless groups of people are trying to achieve. Most don’t know that the people asking students if they are registered to vote are actually employees working for a company called NextGen Climate Pennsylvania. According to Aleigha Cavalier, a Communications Director with NextGen Climate, the goal of their organization is to “educate students and getting students to commit to vote.”

Focused on how climate change is a crucial issue in this year’s election, Jared DeLoof, Youth Vote Director for NextGen Climate Pennsylvania in State College said, “this election is crucial” and the goal of NextGen Climate is “empowering young people to make a change in their community.”

DeLoof was passionate about the idea of the current generation trying to make an impact by pledging to vote for candidates that will further the ideals held by NextGen Climate. In regard to raising awareness for climate change, DeLoof said if today’s youth is vocal enough about their concerns, then politicians will have “no choice but to follow suit.”

There are countless debates on the Penn State Class of 2020 Facebook page in regard to candidates and different political controversies. Aidan Piombino-Mattis (freshman–medieval studies) created one poll online in order to gauge the political scene at his future university.

When asked why he created the poll, Piombino-Mattis said it is a “big issue right now.” Piombino-Mattis said a priority should be “making our voices heard, not the parties.” However, despite this statement of making this generation’s voice heard, Piombino-Mattis said to “only vote if you’re informed.”

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