Nike Hat

Penn State Nike Gear in the Penn State Bookstore on Monday January 23, 2017.

After a year long campaign by the United Students Against Sweatshops to coerce Penn State to let it’s appeal contract with Nike, the university does not seem too keen on parting ways with the clothing giant just yet.

The contract was slated to expire on Jan. 31, but Lisa Powers, senior director of strategic communications, said in a statement they would be looking for a resolution with Nike.

"Penn State has sought an extension to the contract to allow more time to negotiate satisfactory terms of our licensing agreement with Nike, which take into account concerns about workers’ rights,” Powers said. "Any renewal is contingent on successful negotiation of mutually agreeable terms.

This comes after members of USAS claimed Penn State President Eric Barron agreed to let the contract expire.

“We’re definitely not happy about that. I think its frustrating because we were explicitly told one thing and they did another,” Emily Gifford, USAS president, said.

Gifford (senior-labor and employment relations) said speaking personally as a student to hear from the administration they are planning one course of action and then switch it is unethical.

“To speak for USAS, it was something that we were blindsided by,” Gifford said. “It’s something we don’t really understand at this point.

She said the group would not take this news sitting down. They will continue with their campaign “especially” because the university told them one thing.

“Moving forward I think we're going to strategize to what we should do, how we can put pressure on the administration, and hold them accountable,” Gifford said.

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