iQuin founders

The founders of the company iQuin — Anirudh Gottiparthy, Zeeshaan Wasim and Aditya Singhal — found recurring problems through online shopping, specifically receiving clothing items that did not fit or did not arrive the same as the online website displayed.

After Penn State student and founder Singhal (senior-aerospace engineering) received an oversized Kurta, a long loose piece of clothing traditionally worn for occasions like the function called “Garba,” the team came up with an idea, which turned into iQuin, hoping to decrease the issues of online shopping.

iQuin aims to provide customers with the ability to virtually try on clothes by using their cell phone cameras.

“I feel like in a nutshell, we would basically cater to like online retail companies who sell clothes online,” Wasim — Dubai resident, iQuin co-founder, and head of strategy and finance — said. “We would provide them with a product that would help the consumers to try on clothes.”

Gottiparthy, technical research and design co-founder, and his intern developed the alpha version of iQuin’s product.

Gottiparthy, who graduated from Penn State in August with a degree in computer science, and his intern were able to generate a 3D model of the product by using a 2D image to fairly represent how the clothing looked on him. The product is at 97% accuracy, and the team is very close to fixing any distortion issues it discovers.

The alpha version does not provide users the actual opportunity to try their clothes on through a video of themselves.

However, the team is working on a way to expand this product into a real-time solution where the user can point a camera at themselves and see what they are wearing.

“So it still kind of gives you the illusion that you're actually trying it out,” Gottiparthy said. “And, you know, it kind of gives the user the perspective of what they're buying and what they're getting into.”

Another product the company produced is the first version of the iQuin sizing tool. Developed from scratch, the tool suggests the recommended clothing size for the user based on the measurements they include in the algorithm.

“We're also working on a second version where you actually don't need to input measurements,” Gottiparthy said. “It captures the measurements from a live stream of your video through a camera.”

Singhal is happy with the success of the company so far, as it originated from market research and 160 survey responses that indicated there is a problem with online shopping.

“So instead of surveys, we create something like an actual product, and see how it fits in the current market segment and how users would react to it,” Singhal said.

The founders wanted to emphasize customer satisfaction, innovation, creativity and solving problems for customers that will enhance the overall satisfaction rate for their company.

Wasim also wanted customers to know that the company prioritizes body positivity.

“That's our goal — to enforce body positivity — and making sure the customer feels like it's them,” Wasim said. “And it's okay to be how they look like, and we will provide you the virtual fitting room in a way that actually fits you.”


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