Penn State THON 2019, Four Diamonds Symbol

Students raise their hands, forming a diamond for the Four Diamonds Fund during Penn State THON in the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.

Club Tennis is a tight-knit group, even while serving as one of the largest clubs involved in Penn State's THON.

While the club is known for its hard work on the court, the club also has a separate section dedicated toward its THON efforts -- much like other club sports at Penn State.

Ariel Koenig and Yigitcan Comlek are both part of the Family Relations portion of the club's THON section, and said they are glad the efforts throughout the year materialized in front of their eyes.

“We try to get as much involvement as possible with both sectors of the club, with painting signs and also fundraisers for members to mingle and contribute to a good cause,” Koenig said.

Comlek highlighted the importance of the high turnout for the club's glow-in-the-dark tennis, and creating an overall "great atmosphere" when helping to raise a significant amount of money.

On the flip side of the club, regular players Zoë Cykosky and Jake Walter are glad to be a part of "a great cause."

“It is really cool to see everything leading up to this,” Walter said. “It is cool for us to have something in common in the love of tennis, and that spreading to other, more important stuff like THON.”

“It is really nice for us to come together and see the action," Cykosky said. "It started from group messages about events and spreading the word, while helping to bring members together."

The two also shared their favorite parts of THON so far hours, now several hours into the weekend.

“It is just visually striking with everything and everyone lighting up,” Walter said.

“Mine is definitely the different performers every year. Having Andy Grammer here [was] amazing,” Cykosky added.

Additionally, the two FR chairs were more touched by being present and dancing for the kids.

“It is really amazing," Koenig said. "Some people don’t really know how big Club Tennis actually is when I say I’m the FR chair. It is definitely more than the sport I play."

Fellow club member Rachael Moyer summed up her feelings about meshing two of her favorite things together.

“I have been playing tennis for a long time," Moyer said, "and getting to add two together, [both] tennis and THON, is a dream come true."

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