THON, Friday First Line Dance

Dancers participate in the first line dance of THON 2019 at the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.

As the Dancer Relations captains took the stage for the first time Friday night to lead the first line dance of THON 2019, dancers and spectators alike were quick to join in.

“I absolutely loved the line dance,” Bridget Horan said. “Being a junior, we’ve seen two line dances before, and every year it's my most favorite part of THON.”

Horan (junior - marketing) and Nicole Drouillard, both dancing for Delta Phi Epsilon, said one of their favorite parts of the line dance was not the dance itself, but seeing how their THON child reacted to it.

Horan said their THON child is 8 years old and loves Fortnite, so when he heard it mentioned it in the dance, he got really excited.  

“Just seeing his face is hands-down going to be one of my favorite memories of THON weekend,” Horan said.

They said their THON child went all the way to the front near the stage when they were learning the dance.

“Everytime he learned a section he would turn around and was like ‘I killed it’ and I was just like ‘Yes you did!'" Drouillard (junior-accounting) said.


Katie Bettenhausen, who is dancing for Alpha Kappa Psi, liked that the dance included a lot of aspects she thought were funny.

The part that stands out the most to her was when the music stopped and the Dancer Relations Committee members acted like it was over, until the music quickly came back, surprising a lot of people.

“I’ve been here five years and seen a lot of line dances, Bettenhausen (senior-masters of accounting) said.”  “This one seems like it really gets the crowd going.”

Spencer Coats (senior-supply chain) who is dancing for Alpha Kappa Psi, said the dance had some really good songs in it, and the music featured is a great way to remember the year.

THON, Friday, Line Dance

Audience members learn the 2019 line dance at the Bryce Jordan Center during THON on Friday, Feb.15, 2019.

“I love looking back over the year and seeing some of the events that I kind of forgot about,” McKenna Kimmel, also dancing for Alpha Kappa Psi (sophomore - finance and Chinese) said, agreeing with Coats. 

Michael Taraborrelli, dancing for Phi Chi Theta, said that his freshman year was his favorite line dance out of his four years at Penn State.

But as a current senior, he thinks this year's dance has the potential to grow on him just as much as the dance from his freshman year did.

Taraborrelli (senior-labor and employment relations) said Mason Ramsey and Meek Mill’s parts of the dance were two of his favorite moments. 

“I think [this dance] is one that i will definitely remember even after I graduate,” Taraborrelli said.

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