A pornographic video circulating campus was seemingly filmed in a Penn State classroom.

The video was posted on adult film website Pornhub and has since been taken down.

Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers did not say whether it has been confirmed the film was in fact recorded at Penn State.

"If in fact these screen captures are accurate, Penn State was obviously not aware of the use of its classroom in this manner, and the film was clearly made without any official permission," Powers said via email regarding screenshots of the alleged video.

It is unclear whether the two individuals who allegedly made the video were students.

Many students believe the video was filmed in the Thomas Building, with an image circulating campus of a Thomas classroom compared to the classroom in the video. However, while the Thomas classroom's podium has the Penn State logo on it, a logo has been blurred from the podium in the video.

Powers said the university has shared screen captures of the video with Penn State Police, who will investigate the matter further.

Police will attempt to determine if any criminal activity — such as nonconsensal sexual acts or the involvement of a minor — is present in the film.

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