THON, Saturday Night, Pep Rally

The women’s gymnastics team performs during the pep rally on Saturday night of THON at the Bryce Jordan Center, Feb. 16, 2019.

Throughout the 46 hours of Penn State THON, attendees in the Bryce Jordan Center experience a wide range of events, performances and songs which are used in perfect harmony to keep the energy inside the arena as high as possible.

“There are some points where it get a little bit dull, but that’s where the performers come on and give us energy again, which is cool,” Noah Kidder (information, sciences and technology - senior) said.

With so many events and performances scattered throughout the weekend, however, it makes selecting a favorite part of the event almost impossible, even just 31 hours into the yearly marathon.

“My favorite part of THON this year — where do I start, right?,” Jacob Gearhart (finance - junior) said. “I’m from Penn State Behrend, so the atmosphere has been my favorite part of the whole thing. I mean, no matter what everyone is smiling and having a good time.”

One traditional favorite event for students is the Pep Rally, where members of Penn State athletic teams compete with dance routines. This year, however, the Pep Rally has had some stiff competition, including a young, yodeling cowboy who took to the stage to the surprise of many.

THON, Saturday Afternoon, Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey performs during THON at the Bryce Jordan Center, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019.

“The Pep Rally was pretty great,” Dante Marcucci (actuarial science and German - sophomore). “Leading up to it, with Mason Ramsey, no one was expecting that. That was pretty great.”

“This is my first THON so I’ve liked all of it so far, but probably Mason Ramsey,” Joseph Pace (senior - public relations) said. “It is the greatest meme and it’s been here. I didn’t expect him to be here in the first place so it was really cool.”

While Ramsey wowed the BJC with his performance, students also enjoyed the energy that the DJ battle brought.

“Being my senior year, I hadn’t seen (the DJ Battle) here yet,” Kidder said. “Even to just get one DJ up there and have a performance, they had it where it was one DJ at first, then they introduced the other DJ, and then we realized that they were going to have a DJ battle.In terms of execution, it was pretty awesome.”

In its first year as an event at THON, the newness added to the battle’s excitement, especially for the upperclassmen.

“It was new, but it gave everyone a chance to dance to really good music,” Marcucci said.

For other students, the best part is just experiencing the energy that THON brings to the BJC.

“Just standing around talking with everyone and getting to know people,” Adrian Casey (forestry-freshman) said. “I’m just getting to know people and enjoying the experience in my first time here.”

The performances and events are an integral part of THON and something that allows students to remain in the stands all night long.

“There’s always a great attitude about everything,” Gearhart said. “I wanna say I’ve been here 15-16 hours, and I plan not to leave until the final four is over, so it’s going to be 28-30 hours that I’m here.”

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