Bid Acceptance Cellebration

Megan McGrady (freshman-health and human development), middle left, celebrates bid acceptance day with her new sorority on Old Main Lawn Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015.

The semester may have just started, but report cards are out.

On Jan. 9, Penn State released the Fall 2017 Greek Chapter Scorecard — a "report card" or sorts that analyzes the different greek councils and publicizes information such as cumulative GPA's, alcohol and hazing violations and community service numbers.

Implementation of this card was announced on Oct. 13, part of the "aggressive measures" to promote student safety in Greek organizations, as previously reported by The Daily Collegian.

The scorecard for the Interfraternity Council lists 50 chapters, including the 11 chapters who previously lost recognition or who were suspended. Those 11 chapters, including Beta Theta Pi, Pi Lambda Phi and Alpha Chi Rho, were highlighted in red and included information about when the fraternity received penalties and the reasoning.

More than half of the suspended fraternities lost their recognition due to hazing violations, according to the scorecard.

In terms of GPA for the Interfraternity Council, Omega Delta Sigma had the highest chapter semester GPA of 3.43. Phi Sigma Phi had the lowest, with a 2.41.

Out of 39 chapters, 17 of them received a grade of "below" when compared to the individual chapter GPA to the overall GPA of all men part of the Interfraternity Council, a 3.11.

For the Panhellenic Council, only three sororities scored "below" the all women's Panhellenic GPA of 3.27. The highest GPA of the semester belonged to Sigma Delta Tau with a 3.56. Each sorority had a GPA higher than a 3.0

Additionally, there were zero hazing, alcohol and sexual assault violations for any of the chapters within the Panhellenic Council, according to the scorecard.

For the Interfraternity Council, two fraternities received alcohol violations and 13 received violations related to university regulations or disorderly conduct.


Beta Theta Pi house opens for fraternity alumni during football weekends.

For community service hours per member, only four chapters within the Interfraternity Council reached above 10 hours.

Alpha Epsilon Pi had zero hours of community service per member. Delta Theta Sigma had the highest number of community service hours per member, with 25.3 hours.

Each chapter within the Panhellenic Council had over three hours of community service, with Delta Gamma scoring highest with 20.45 hours per member.

"Panhellenic is proud of the results of our scorecard," Amanda Saper, president of the Panhellenic Council, said. "We always do exceptionally well, particularly in achieving high chapter GPA's."

Saper (senior-political science) went on to say the council holds each chapter to a high standard.

"While we do complete standards of excellence along with the other greek councils, we also implement extra requirements in an addendum made specifically for Panhellenic," she said. "Holding expectations that mean going above and beyond is how I believe we create success from year to year."

Interfraternity Council President John Lord also commented on the new scorecards.

“I believe that the Greek Scorecard promotes transparency to relevant stakeholders while maintaining high levels of accountability," Lord (junior-finance) said via email. "As values based organizations, fraternities are positively affected by the Greek Scorecard as it encourages our community to live our values.”

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