New Year's resolutions graphic

With every New Year comes New Year's resolutions, and with every new decade comes even greater goals.

Penn State students have been crafting their paths to success for both the academic semesters and years to come. It isn’t very often students can say, “New decade, new me.”

However, it’s harder to stick to resolutions than some may think. A study done by the University of Scranton found that as little as 19 percent of people stuck to their goals for the long term – which, for the study, was at least two years.

Adeena Syed said one main reason for this is that people get distracted.

“Obviously during the year, there’s so much to do with school and stuff, and if your goals aren’t immediately pressing, they can get pushed aside,” Syed (junior-journalism) said.

Syed has a general goal of “getting ahead in life.”

“Since I’m a junior, I’m thinking about my master’s [degree] and internships, so I want to get a head start with that,” Syed said, “as well as getting more opportunities.”

Devin Baughan has a more specific academic goal of attaining a higher grade point average (GPA).


Baughan (sophomore-immunology and infectious disease) said the most difficult part of keeping a resolution is procrastinating.

“I have a bad habit of putting things off,” Baughan said.

Baughan doesn’t think the new decade will necessarily lead to long-lasting changes.

“If you didn’t keep [your resolution] last year, you’re not going to keep it this year,” Baughan said.

Other students had goals related to their mental health and well-being.

Ester Karfunkelstein Lima’s goal is not to “stress as much.”

“It’s hard to implement [goals] into your daily life in addition to classes,” Karfunkelstein Lima (freshman-architecture) said. “I feel like the number of the year changes, but nothing changes besides that.”

Ben Dawson said his goal was generally “being nicer to people.”

Dawson (junior-communication arts and sciences) said the key to keeping one’s goals is staying accountable.

“The year is pretty long, and people sometimes don’t want to stick to their commitment,” Dawson said. “People don’t want to change.”

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