Berkey Creamery will begin selling its new 5.3 oz. pints on March 12, featuring the brand's new product design.

For decades, students walked into their dining halls and see the creamery raspberry teas and the chocolate milks. They would walk into the Creamery and see the same old packaging, same old label.

This year however, will mark the first year in decades that the Creamery decided to change their branding and packaging.

The Berkey Creamery staff as well as College of Agricultural Sciences have been planning this change for a year now.

Jim Brown, the assistant manager at the Creamery, believes the new packaging is in every way called for.

“Our packing hasn’t always been consistent," Brown said. "Our half gallons of ice cream didn’t look like our pints and our containers of food don’t have the packaging like the pints. We decided it’s time to have the same packaging for all our products, to create a whole new brand.”

The change has students buzzing — Brown said all responses on social media have been positive.

Sabrina Toscano loves the Creamery, but definitely finds the change bittersweet.

“I think it’s pretty cool that the Creamery is changing up their style,” Toscano (junior-political science) said. “I love their new packaging idea, but it’s a bit sad that we are closing this past chapter and entering a new era for Penn State and its signature ice cream.”

Gloria Jun will be graduating next fall, and she finds it funny that in the year she’s graduating, the creamery is moving on to a new seal.

“I think it’s important to always evolve and shake things up— it also shows that they are improving the brand and spreading new roots, which is awesome,” she said. “Too bad I won’t be here for too long to see it.”

Brown and the team wanted to make sure that the new brand would still maintain the tradition of Penn State and the 150-year-old Creamery.

The new seal will make ingredient and nutrition information easy to read and will also include high quality photo that allow consumers to know what the product looks like before they buy it.

“The tradition of blue and white will stay the same though,” Brown said. “We can’t have our Nittany spirit taken away from students and alumni.”

The Creamery, however, did not have these ideas all on their own — the effort was collaborative.

“We had the creamery management team and we came out with some ideas worked with the College of Agricultural Sciences as well as an outside company, HZDG to figure out the marketing and branding,” Brown said. “HZDG took our ideas and made them better.”

The Creamery introduced their new packaging with their new THON flavor, Gold Ribbon Ripple, this February, with a portion of proceeds going to the largest university philanthropy movement in the country.

“It’s definitely special to do that for the kids,” Brown said. “And to introduce our new flavor in our new packaging definitely feels exciting. Because we are known for our ice cream, we tried to help the kids in the sweetest — and coolest— way possible.”

Brown and the Creamery team have a plan for their release of the packaging and brand.

“We are now reaching a global market, as we increase our pint flavors and make them the same packaging as the half gallons,” Brown said. “We wanted to provide more variety with the pints because they are much easier to handle. They’re smaller and they’re more convenient, so we wanted to expand that market.”

At the moment, the Creamery has only five new pints of flavors, but there are three more in development. By the end of March, Brown is hoping there will be ten.

Students, in going, will get to see new changes as they are reaching the Berkey horizon.

“Our new branding had to go through a lot of avenues and a lot of templates — but the new packaging and pint production is just the beginning,” Brown said. “We will start selling the 5.3 oz creamery minis March 12, and developing iced coffees.”

Brown is definitely excited for the future of the Creamery.

“Everything in our new plan is going to be exposed in the coming two years,” Brown said. “This new creamery seal is just the beginning.”

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