THON 2018, Saturday night, Men’s gymnastics

Men’s gymnastics performs their lip sync routine during Saturday night’s pep rally during THON 2018 on February 18, 2018.

Pep Rally is one of the the marquee events of Penn State THON. Athletes from different sports teams on campus gather at the Bryce Jordan Center with their polished dance moves in a showdown against each other. We talked to some students about the rally itself and their picks to win.

A few first time THON-goers said that Pep Rally was probably what they are most excited about.

“I am excited to see it for the first time,” Alexis Schweitzer (freshman-accounting) said. “People talk highly of it, and it will be interesting to see athletes doing stuff for the kids.”

Freshman Lexy Leidlein echoed her fellow freshman’s thoughts.

“I hear it is a lot of fun and fans will be there to enjoy it with the athletes performing,” Leidlein (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said.

Men’s gymnastics comes in as the undoubted favorite for the event, having won the past three editions of it. Their skills are certainly something to be reckoned.

“I’m all men’s gymnastics. They killed it last year, and they’re great,” Haley Landolina (sophomore-secondary education) said while talking to her friend Ryan Hiles, who is cheering for the football team.


The football team is the other big contingent of support for the Pep Rally, and it was Schweitzer’s sleeper pick to win.

“If anyone can beat men’s gymnastics, it is football for their popularity. In that case, though, there is still no way men’s gymnastics won’t be on the top spots,” Schweitzer said.

The dominance also raised another question for some of the dancers, and it is on their preference on the skills level. Seeing professionals like gymnastics doing crazy flips and stunts is always cool, but some do prefer seeing some less dancing-inclined teams trying hard and leaving it all on the stage.

Chris Coll is one of those people.

“I do enjoy others more,” Coll (senior-information sciences and technology) said. “They can be just as much fun.”

Landolina is a big proponent of the gymnastics four-peat, but she also acknowledges the fun factor from other teams.

“It just shows the hard work the athletes put in in rehearsing and performing for a cause like that," Schweitzer said. "They have a high status in the school and it certainly help the dancers to stay spirited."

“Everyone looks up to them, and having them being part of this tradition really helps morale,” Coll said.

“It is the event a lot of people look forward being a staple, so it does help out the dancers,” Landolina added.

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