Student walks under umbrella

A student takes shelter under an umbrella as she walks down the Pattee Mall on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017.

Pesky crows will soon be shooed away from campus, thanks to the Office of Physical Plant.

The OPP will begin efforts to relocate the crows that have roosted on campus because they have created “unsanitary and unpleasant conditions,” according to a press release.

Starting on or after Monday, Nov. 25, OPP crew members will use pyrotechnic bangers and screamers to move the crows early in the evening for a few hours each night until the job is finished.

The “periodic crow harassment” will continue until the crows have left for the spring. There will be no relocation efforts between Monday, Dec. 9 and Friday, Dec. 20 out of respect for students studying for and taking their final exams.

Annually, about 3,000 migrating crows enter campus, which the OPP — safely and without harm — removes. To report bothersome crows, contact OPP here.

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