The Penn State greek community will showcase their singing and performing talents once again tonight with the annual Greek Sing event.

Hosted by the Panhellenic Council, this year’s “Greek Sing: You Can’t Stop the Greeks,” will begin at 7 p.m. tonight in Eisenhower Auditoriumfor $10 per ticket, Greek Sing Public Relations Director Andie Weissman said.

The work of 54 participating organizations will be highlighted as they sing, dance and act to raise money for the Gayle Beyer Scholarship Fund, Greek Sing Stage Manager Alex Boate said.

Three greek organizations make up a performing group and since April, the triads’ musical selections were decided and “1,080 performers have been working hard to put on a quality show,” Boate (senior-crime, law and justice) said.

Throughout the almost eight month process leading up to Greek Sing, sororities and fraternities have had the opportunity to create stronger relationships as they get to know one another better, Greek Sing Executive Director Lindsay Gilder said.

“Greek Sing sheds a positive light on our university by showing greeks behaving in manners that are not just about a social going-out scene,” Gilder (senior-marketing) said.

The event not only allows participants to engage in a friendly competition, but also gives students an “opportunity to receive money toward their education here at Penn State, which is a great reward for those who participate and apply for the scholarship,” she added.

Compared to previous years, this year’s competition will have more scholarships available for students after an increase in Greek Sing fundraisers, Gilder said.

Aside from four scheduled rehearsals with the Greek Sing Executive Committee, triads hold weekly practices on their own throughout the semester in order to learn songs and choreography, Boate said.

“Some performers even practice up to five days a week to prepare for the day of the show,” she said. “At the end of the final show, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and can be proud of everything they’ve done for the Gayle Beyer Scholarship Fund.”

Though there are 18 different acts creating their own renditions of musicals — such as “Mamma Mia,” “Rent”and “Wicked” — as someone who has been watching the performances at each rehearsal, Boate said all of the organizations have “really stepped up their game this year.”

However, a few are already standing out, she said.

For the triad of Phi Sigma Kappa, Chi Phi and Phi Sigma Rho’s Greek Sing debut, Boate said she believes their performance of “Mulan”is one not to miss, as well as Phi Mu, Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Nu’s “Little Shop of Horrors” performance for the “great vocals.”

“[Sigma Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Zeta Psi’s] ‘In the Heights’ has fun choreography and [Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Chi’s] ‘Annie’ has a fantastic female lead that steals the show,” she said.

Through the work of the public relations committee, all of the greek organizations as well as the rest of the Penn State campus has had the opportunity to become informed about Greek Sing, Weissman (senior-public relations) said.

“I think it’s really important to reach as many people as possible through social media and I am constantly posting on our Facebook and Twitter to make sure everyone involved stays as informed as possible,” she said.

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