Sigma Alpha Mu

The Sigma Alpha Mu house on 329 East Prospect Ave on April 20, 2017.

The Sigma Alpha Mu International fraternity announced plans to revoke the charter for its Mu Lambda chapter at Penn State on Sept. 16.

The announcement came following an investigation into health and safety concerns after repeated reports by Penn State administrators of continued behavioral issues at the Sigma Alpha Mu house.

The university suspended recognition of the chapter in April 2017 after multiple violations of university policy.

The international fraternity allowed the chapter to remain chartered with undergraduate members continuing to occupy the house in violation of a State College Borough ordinance that requires university recognition of a fraternity for the chapter to operate.

This ordinance has been challenged in court with Penn State supporting the borough’s efforts to sustain the rule.

Sigma Alpha Mu officials acted to close the chapter after being alerted by the university of issues at the house which jeopardized the welfare of the community, according to Penn State news.

The members occupying the privately owned chapter house will still be able to reside there and their leases will remain in effect.

Penn State implemented a Greek Scorecard which helps students navigate the Greek life system and advises prospective members against joining organizations not in good standing with the university.

Greek reform measures were adopted by the university in 2017 with the hope of improving student safety and success.

The organization’s announcement comes nearly a year after Pennsylvania adopted the Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law, which established increased penalties for hazing, in October 2018.

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