Movin' On: Snakehips

Students dance to Snakehips at the Penn State Movin’ On Music Festival at the IM Fields on Friday, April 26, 2019.

This year, Penn State students will not have the opportunity to celebrate warm weather and the end of the semester with a free music festival featuring popular artists this spring.

Movin’ On 2020 announced its cancellation on March 17 due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

The festival was planned for May 1. The lineup included Foster the People, Lil Yachty, Two Friends, and Sasha Sloan.

The “Battle of the Bands” event, scheduled for March 26, has also been canceled.

Michelle Mischler, the executive director of Movin’ On, said the cancellation of the event was “very difficult to confront both personally and professionally, but a necessary decision to make for the safety and well-being of all students, faculty and community.”

“My heart immediately went out to my Executive Board, Core Committee and Promotional Team that have worked so hard all year, and the students who were looking forward to attending the event,” Mischler (senior-recreation, parks, and tourism management) said via email.

Michsler said it “still does not feel real” that Movin’ On 2020 has been canceled.

After the cancellation, Mishler said Movin’ On contacted the booked artists’ agencies to inform them of the cancellation.

Reagan Hatcher, the director of public relations for Movin’ On, said she was “devastated” that Movin’ On had to be canceled, even though she said it was the best decision for the “health and well-being” of the Penn State community.


“I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the festival wasn’t going to happen,” Hatcher (senior-marketing) said via email. “I have been involved in this organization since my freshman year and was looking forward to my final year.”

Hatcher said Movin’ On’s Executive Board, Core Committee and Promo Team worked throughout the whole year to plan the event.

“It’s unfortunate that we won’t get to see our efforts culminate in the festival; however, I’m still so proud of our amazing lineup this year and all of the work that went into planning this event,” Hatcher said.

Kelly McSteen, the creative director of Movin’ On, oversaw the creation of all marketing materials related to social media, advertisements and merchandise. She led a team of graphic designers, videographers, photographers and a merchandise manager.

McSteen (senior-supply chain and information systems) said she and her team have been creating content to keep Movin’ On’s social media active despite the event’s cancellation. She said Movin’ On’s Instagram, @psumovinon, is still being used to share playlists created by the Movin’ On team and to advertise artists’ virtual live shows.

McSteen said she “has tried to come to terms with this decision over the past two weeks.”

“I just have to keep things in perspective and recognize that we were not the only organization to have our year end event canceled, as many other students have been putting in countless hours all year to host events on a similar scale to Movin’ On,” McSteen said via email.

The next Movin’ On is set to take place on April 30, 2021, according to a press release.

“In these unprecedented times, Movin’ On sends the Penn State community love,” Mischler said. “There is nothing quite like seeing the IM Fields filled with our community enjoying themselves and celebrating the end to another successful semester.”

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