Sikemi Williams

Sikmi Williams accepts her Emmy Award. 

Sikemi Williams, a Penn State alumna, won a Mid-Atlantic Chapter Emmy Award on Sept. 28.

She received this honor for her work with the television series called “Strange College” — as she created the graphics and animation segment in the series’ opening credits.

Williams received her certificate in project management from the Penn State World Campus in August.

“I feel so excited,” Williams said. “The whole thing is so surreal because an Emmy is recognized everywhere.”

“Strange College” is a popular science-fiction series about black-ops, reanimated corpses, alien invasions, transdimensional beings, secret societies and college newspaper reporters.

The show was written by Frank Fritz and produced and directed by Allan Kobernick. It is the first fiction program produced and filmed on the Community College of Philadelphia campus. The program has won more than 10 accolades.

Williams’ inspiration to work on the project was due to the show being completely different and “out of the ordinary” from anything she had ever worked on.

She is new to Community College of Philadelphia, where she began as a part-time employee and was recently hired to work full-time.

Williams and her brother Moyo Williams are originally from Nigeria — where Williams first started her work in production.

In Nigeria, she received awards for her work with “Cliché” — a short 11 minute film she directed.

“I may be biased, but Sikemi did such a great job with her work on ‘Strange College,’” Moyo said via email. “She’s been working on it for a while now and I’m so proud of her.”

According to freelance editor Yetunde Raimi, a colleague of Williams’ in Nigeria, this award is a “long time coming.”

“You know how it is in the female industry, so I’m really happy for her,” Raimi said. “I even think I’m more happy about the award than she is.”

Raimi and Williams have been friends for a long time, and according to Raimi, they feed off of each other’s energy and bounce ideas off one another for inspiration.

They worked in Nigeria together on many projects and reality shows. One of the most successful reality shows was a version of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

She noted that Williams’ work ethic is “awesome and very disciplined.”

“She’s quite precise with what she wants,” Raimi said. “She won’t put her name on anything that doesn’t make sense, it has to be great.”

Adam Steinhäuser, a coworker at the community college, said she was very proactive while working on the project.

“Sikemi took it under her wing to make the opening credits,” Steinhäuser said. “It’s pretty amazing to see her win an award, and it’s great to work with someone who has such a high honor.”

Williams said she feels as though this award signifies and acknowledges all the hard work she has done.

“This Emmy Award feels like a pat on the back for having worked all my life in creating content,” Williams said. “I’m so grateful for it.”

Williams is currently working on a short film called “The Alcoholic” — the first in a collection of experimental series.

“The Alcoholic” is written, produced and directed by Williams, and is expected to be out in the spring of 2020.

It is part of a series that is a satire in monologue style about various vices, and how vices can be viewed differently by different people.

Steinhäuser said he is proud to have worked with Williams on the “Strange College” project.

“She is such an amazing coworker and a great asset,” Steinhäuser said.

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