Let’s state the obvious — Penn State’s annual Involvement Fair is intimidating due to its sheer size and the enormous spread of clubs. How do you know if you saw every club you could be interested in?

If you have some unique interests, look no further. Here are 15 clubs you’ve never heard of but you might enjoy.

Concrete Canoe Team

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Aimed at engineers, members of this club compete in the American Society of Civil Engineers’ annual Student Concrete Canoe Competition

Club members have to design and race a concrete canoe and its reinforcements. By joining this club, students can learn how to construct an adequate canoe in clase they ever get stuck on a deserted island.

Star Wars Club

Our parents would be proud to see the biggest cinematic universe has a club. This club participates in anything from costume parties to lightsaber duels on campus.

Let me know if anyone wants to be the Han Solo to my Leia because Harrison Ford is definitely my celebrity crush. Kidding aside, if you love “Star Wars” as much as I love Harrison Ford, reach out to the officers in this club and meet some like-minded people.

The Flannel and Flapjack Club

Flannel season is almost upon us, and The Flannel and Flapjack Club certainly got the memo.

The club defines itself as a club that arranges “meetings for members to freely eat pancakes and wear flannel.”

Sign me up: I have a flannel and a love for chocolate chip pancakes. Who else is with me?

Dungeons and Dragons at PSU

Dungeons and Dragons became popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s a board game that’s more than just a game like Monopoly.

This game is an immersive fantasy role-playing tabletop game. It looks like it hasn’t lost too much popularity since then — even one of my friend’s roommates plays it.

If you want to learn more, or already play but have no one to play with, look no further, I’ve found the perfect club for you.

Penn State Monty Python Society

Did anyone else think of “Monty Python and Holy Grail?” Me too. However, that movie was conceived around the show this club is based on.

The Penn State Monty Python Society is a British humor appreciation club based on the comedy group Monty Python’s Flying Circus. See the connection now? If you were curious, Monty Python’s Flying Circus is on Netflix for your enjoyment.

Club Quidditch

Club Quidditch is not for the faint of heart. These members are passionate about Harry Potter and winning. It is based on the fictional world of Harry Potter and is a co-ed, full-contact sport.

Harry Potter appreciation club? Sure, but also a talented team that has qualified for the national championships 11 years in a row.



Knitting is not just your Grandma’s favorite hobby. This club also promotes awareness and change through the act of knitting based on the topics decided on by the club.

Knitivism teaches both knitting and crochet skills, and the products made by club members are used for fundraising causes the club believes in.

Pokemon Society

My 15-year-old Pokemon-Go-loving self would join this club in a heartbeat. Any Pokemon fans who don’t know about this club should consider joining.

The secret is out — Pokemon is cool, and the members of this club can prove it.

PSUkulele Club

The purpose of this club is to offer a “relaxing escape through music.” We all need a little bit of relaxation in our day, right?

PSUkulele Club is not limited to the ukulele, so if you prefer a similar instrument, no need to fear.

Rubik’s Cube Club

Are you a pro at the Rubik’s Cube or just starting out? This club is accepting of all levels of skill and is a way to hone your skills with friends and even through miniature competitions.

Not only does this club focus on the traditional 3x3 cube but also the related cubes. From 2x2 to 7x7, Rubik’s Cube Club covers every cube you can think of.

Soaring Club

Don’t know what soaring is? No worries, I didn’t either at first. The sport soaring is a sailplane, piloted by a person, that sails in the air with just nature to propel in forward — no engines are used.

In this club, members can learn more about soaring and intercollegiate soaring competitions.

Storm Chase Team at Penn State

I never expected Penn State to have a storm-chasing team, but low and behold, here it is. Anyone who grew up watching “Storm Chasers” is going to be as excited as I am to learn about this club.

In addition, a goal of this club is to give members the opportunity to participate in a storm-chasing trip.

Swing Dance Club

One thing I’ve always said is I wish society still danced like it did 50 years ago — I would love to be swung around. If you feel the same way I do, check out this club.

The Swing Dance Club promotes the history and teaching of this specific style of dance. No experience is necessary, and the club meets twice a week for lessons.

Clay cOven

Get it, clay (c)oven because clay hardens in the oven? Pretty punny if I do say so myself.

The primary goal of this club is to gather clay workers to learn and improve from fellow peers.

Clay cOven also fundraises for new equipment and programs to improve their craft.

Model Railroad

My grandpa would be so excited to see this club. I grew up watching him turn his basement into a train world.

If this excited you as much as it would for my grandpa, check the club out.

Model Railroad club sets out to improve on the recreational use and interests of model railroading for its members.


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