individuals who need to be identified

Police are looking to identify seven individuals who allegedly left an unconscious, intoxicated woman on a sidewalk in State College.

State College Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying numerous individuals who allegedly brought out an unconscious, intoxicated woman from the suspended Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and left her on a sidewalk.

Seven men were observed bringing the woman from the fraternity house — located at 329 E. Prospect Ave. — and placing her on the sidewalk of a property adjacent to the prior location, according to a press release issued by police.

The press release does not specify when this occurred, but Penn State described a similar incident occurring Halloween weekend in a letter sent to students about the suspended fraternity on Nov. 6.

The house on East Prospect Avenue previously served as a chapter house for Sigma Alpha Mu until the fraternity was suspended in April 2017 for violating university restrictions on partying and alcohol consumption.

The letter sent by Penn State discouraged students from visiting the fraternity, which has allegedly held parties despite coronavirus restrictions. Additionally, there have also been reports of hazing, misconduct and sexual assault at the fraternity.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact State College Police.



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