New Coronavirus update graphic

Tom Charles, the executive vice president system development and chief strategy officer at Mount Nittany Medical Center, provided an update on coronavirus vaccines during Monday night's State College Borough Council meeting.

According to Charles, Mount Nittany has vaccinated over 4,600 people but are struggling to keep up with the demand for vaccines.

“We are doing everything we possibly can as fast as we possibly can, but this is simply going to take time,” Charles said.

Charles said there was a 10:1 ratio of people attempting to access vaccination appointments on Friday compared to the amount of appointments made available through the hospital's new self-scheduling system.

Charles said the best option for people trying to get a vaccine is to “check multiple providers for availability.”

There will be an update on Tuesday at noon on Mount Nittany Health’s website about availability for vaccine appointments, according to Charles.

Charles said that State College has seen a rise in coronavirus cases over the past few months.

The average daily census of coronavirus patients at Mount Nittany was up to 49 people per day in December but has since dropped to an average of 41 people per day in January, according to Charles.

According to Charles, Mount Nittany had the highest number of hospitalizations due to the coronavirus in December with a slight decrease in January.

The average length of hospitalization stays at Mount Nittany is 5-7 days and almost 90% of hospitalizations are individuals over the age of 50.



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