Crunchee Munchees

Opening of Crunchee Munchee, located at 616 W. College Ave.

When students return to State College this fall, they might notice a change in possible dining options.

Located at 616 W College Ave., Crunchee Munchees permanently closed on Sunday, July 14 because the building’s new landlord did not renew the store owner’s lease.

Owner of Crunchee Munchees Devon Warntz (‘14) said the end of his lease came as a surprise.

“It was pretty much out of the blue,” Warntz said. “The new owners had just taken over the building part way through this past year of our lease. I don’t even know who the [current] owner of Westside is.”

First opened March 18, 2015, the late night snack spot, open daily from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., quickly grew in popularity serving dishes such as Mac Cheeze Bites, Munchee Platter and Chicken Fries. But when Sheetz opened a location downtown, business took a hit.

“Things were pretty crazy [when we first opened] and then steadied out,” Warntz said. “Over the past two years we’ve seen a slight decline in business. The market for restaurants in State College has become super saturated.”

For Warntz, the restaurant industry will be waiting if he ever wishes to return. He has no current plans of opening a new Crunchee Munchees location.

“I would like to take a good chunk of time away from the industry,” Warntz said. “My heart is in State College, I love this town. Maybe sometime down the road we’ll pop back up somewhere.”

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