Fall in State College

Students and residents spend a warm fall day in downtown State College on Tuesday Nov. 28, 2017.

Reviews.org ranked State College as the best college town in Pennsylvania in a recent ranking of American college towns.

Overall, State College was ranked the sixth best college town in the country. 

However, the towns were further ranked by cost of living, student employment, city access, nightlife and fun, and college-educated population.

State College earned fourth place in the category “best college towns for city access.” The category nodded the State College's abundance of transportation alternatives, including biking, walking, buses, Ubers, and more.

Additionally, State College earned sixth place for “best college towns with a high college-educated population.” This category acknowledged that Penn State students are likely to have a higher average income and receive internships and jobs quickly upon graduating.

The rankings, which used data from the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, analyzed college towns based on their student and overall population, rental costs, education rates, access to transportation, unemployment rates, and availability to nightlife.

The list of college towns was narrowed down to cities with less than 250,000 residents to account for the fact that metropolitan areas surrounding smaller college towns also include student populations.

Reviews.org ranked Iowa City, Iowa as the overall best college town in the country.



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