Students provide thoughts on small local nightclub scene

Indigo nightclub.

State College hotspot, Indigo, was recently named one of the top 25 Best College Bars in America by food and drink website The Daily Meal. Taking on the 21st spot, Indigo, the downtown late-night club, has Penn State students to thank for their votes and requests to make it one of the top spots in the nation.

“We want to be a good part of everyone’s Penn State experience, even if they’re here once a week or once a month. We want it to be a great party experience,” said A.J. Madden, Indigo's general manager. “It’s important to us that we’re the best place to celebrate, whether it’s a graduation, birthday, bachelorette party, an 'A' in a class, it’s been a long week of exams. Let’s just have fun and forget about everything going on.”

Indigo’s popularity can be attributed to its party atmosphere, live DJs and entertainment, as well as their daily drink specials for those students tight on cash, according to student posts on Indigo’s Facebook page.

“We want to be the bar for all students. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, where you’re from; whatever the case may be, we want to be the college kid bar,” Madden said. “We’re always thinking about what’s important to the students, what a good party is to them first and foremost. And then it all stems from that.”

The national food and drink site polls college students across the nation about their favorite late-night hangouts and go-to bars around their campus, according to The Daily Meal website.

Results were based on a point system with categories ranging from music to outdoor areas to beer pitcher availability. In the end, the sole “experts,” college students, decided the final decisions in the rankings, according to The Daily Meal.

“Penn State students get the entire package at Indigo: a club, a college bar, a football bar, and a killer happy hour from 10 p.m. until close. Nightly DJs provide music to dance to as you down your $2 Long Island iced tea and watch the big game on one of the 20-plus televisions,” an article, published by The Daily Meal, said.

Though summer is coming to a close, Indigo will be in full swing come fall semester. Returning students and State College locals can check out their nightly drink specials, club entertainment and look forward to Homecoming and Halloween festivities, as well as numerous DJs and celebrity guest appearances throughout the semester, Madden said.

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