Disney +

The Walt Disney Co. logo appears on a screen above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Disney is seeking new frontiers. The media company launched its $5-a-month sports streaming service, ESPN Plus, in April 2018, and it signed a deal with Twitter a month later to create Marvel, ABC and ESPN content on that service. Soon it will launch Disney Plus, another streaming service.

Disney+, the new streaming service featuring exclusive access to content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars and National Geographic, debuted Nov. 12, and Penn State students have a variety of takes on the new platform.

The service costs $6.99 a month or $70 for a yearlong subscription.

An additional package including Hulu and ESPN+ is available for $12.99 a month, as well.

Sophomore Kristen Schiltz said she thinks the new platform is a great idea.

“I don’t have Disney+, but I think it’s a good idea,” Schiltz (sophomore- business administration) said. “I personally would never get it, though.”

Ricky Loudermilk said he also thinks the service sounds interesting.

“I personally don’t have Disney+,” Loudermilk (sophomore-science) said. “It is a really good idea, though.”

Some students are drawn to the site for specific shows.

“I just want [Disney+] to watch The Mandalorian,” Jared Krut (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said in reference to the new Star Wars show available exclusively on the platform. “There’s not too much more on there that I want.”

Other students see the new site as a return to childhood.

“I have Disney+ and really enjoy all of the content,” John Galow (sophomore-division of undergraduate studies) said. “It really draws me back to my childhood and all the stuff I used to watch back then.”

On the other hand, Kevin Campbell said he has and likes the streaming service.

“The service is really interesting,” Campbell (junior- labor and employment relations) said. “I have it and really enjoy it. The bundle is really nice.”

Caitlin Bann has also purchased a Disney+ subscription, but has yet to use it.

“I have it and I really like the idea a lot,” Bann (junior-biobehavioral health) said. “Even though I bought it though, I haven’t really watched it yet.”

Tori Gamel said she likes the new service, but has seen some technical issues with it.

“I have Disney+ and I really like it a lot, but I’ve had some issues with it,” Gamel (sophomore-liberal arts) said. “It generally works, but I also have issues with it loading sometimes.”

Other students view the new site as a move for streaming services to become more like cable TV.

“I like the idea of the program,” Erin Lane (senior-political science) said. “I think this is one of the first steps toward streaming becoming more like cable.”

Some students, however, are completely against the idea.

“I don’t have it and I don’t want it,” Selena Gou (junior-economics) said. “I think it’s really unnecessary.”

Julia Rodriguez agreed.

“I don’t have it either,” Rodriguez (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said. “I don’t want to pay for something I won’t use.”

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